Young Uganda Tour Operators (YUTO)

‘Passionate service’

YUTO is an association that advocates for the interest of start-up tourism enterprises in Uganda.

Our Vision

A platform to enable sustainable development of Young tour Operators in Uganda.

Our Mission

To nurture dynamic and innovative young tour operators in Uganda.

Our Objectives

Our objectives are centered around supporting and enhancing the tourism sector in Uganda, especially focusing on start-up tourism enterprises.

Promoting and general assistance and support of start-up tourism enterprises.

To check and evaluate the operation of start-up tourism enterprises in order to ensure delivery of quality services to clients.

To create cohesion and a good working relationship between start-up tourism enterprises and clients.

To foster a bridge and cooperation between the YUTO and other tourism agencies including but not limited to Uganda Tourism Board (UTB), Uganda Tourism Association (UTA), Association of Uganda Tour Operators (AUTO), and Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA).

To ensure start-up tourism enterprises observe the guidelines set by the bodies that govern the tourism sector in Uganda.

Who qualifies to join YUTO?

  • Must be a tourism enterprise registered with Uganda Registration Services Bureau (USRB).
  • Must be, below 10years of operations.
  • Must be operating in Uganda.

Why join YUTO?

  • A big voice, advocating for favourable policies & conditions that support growth & development of start-up tourism enterprises in Uganda.
  • Sharing business ideas amongst members hence creation of a wide network.
  • Access of opportunities from different development partners and stakeholders.
  • Access regular capacity building trainings aiming at tourism knowledge development.
  • Referral to members for clients’ confidence and other avenues like registration & licensing with Uganda Tourism Board (UTB).
  • Guidance on any other matters concerning the tourism sector of Uganda.

NOTE: Membership fees is UGX 100,000, paid once. Members are also required to pay an annual fee of UGX 200,000 with a window of installment payment. These funds facilitate the operations of the association.


Our Partners

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